What We Do

At Sumithrayo we provide Confidential Emotional Support for people who are experiencing, feelings of distress or despair, including those that may lead to suicide.


Suicide is a complex problem for which there is no single cause or single reason. It results from a complex interaction of biological, genetic, psychological, social, cultural and environmental factors. It has no racial or class distinctions. Inability to cope with difficult situations in life is one of the leading causes of suicide where loneliness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and a host of negative emotions could ultimately lead to ending one’s own life. For most people suicidal thoughts remain as just thoughts, but others try to put them into action when they feel they have no one, nowhere to turn to who is close enough or anyone they trust to help them through their problems – For these people, death may seem like the only option However, suicides can be prevented.


A person who is suicidal feels isolated and alone with his or her problem. At times like this talking about their stressful situation with a non-judgemental, accepting, understanding and caring person can throw a different light on the situation and help diffuse the suicidal impulse.

“Suicide is not chosen; it happens

when pain exceeds

resources for coping with pain.”

News of Suicide leaves nobody unmoved

A fellow human being deliberately choosing to end life is deeply shocking for the family, friends and strangers alike. Yet more shocking is the thought that many who survive a suicide attempt are glad they did not succeed.


People faced with an emotional crisis mostly require informal and confidential emotional support. A friend who has the time to listen , does not advice or criticize, but helps the person to come to terms with the situation and feel confident to cope with it.

Befriending is the offering of friendship, the giving of one’s undivided benevolent attention to another at a time when he/she is feeling deeply troubled. The active process of listening to a person’s feelings and allowing them to unburden gives great relief while also enabling them to think and see more clearly about their difficult situations.

Modes of Contact

Face to Face





“Suicide prevention and crisis intervention” demands our interaction with the community at the community level. Therefore in addition to befriending within the centre we also reach out to the needy in other ways: Visiting patients in hospitals, befriending school children, providing emotional support for the disabled, befriending private sector employees etc.


In addition Sumithrayo also conducts Awareness Programmes for universities, schools, institutions, commercial establishments and other local communities.

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