The Befriending service is provided by approximately 100 unpaid trained volunteers, who dedicate their time to be a ‘friend’ for those in need. Volunteers are trained to give emotional support and empower those in distress to cope with their pressing issues. Training is of the essence. Discipline is the corner stone on which the service has been built. Confidentiality and anonymity are two vital disciplines of the service.

Selection criteria includes:

  • A high level of empathy (a balanced head and heart approach)
  • Good coping skills
  • Management of time
  • Dual language skills (including English)
  • Personal discipline

If you fit into the above profile and can commit four hours a week on a regular basis, you may write to the organization and offer your voluntary services. This results in a personal interview and admission for training if the applicant is found to be suitable by the interview panel. A new batch of Volunteers is usually taken in October. Watch out for the paper advertisement in August.

Although there are no monetary rewards, the personal satisfaction and the personal growth you attain is remarkable.

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