Emotional Health

In general, it can be said that people with good emotional health are in control of their behaviour and their emotions. Emotionally healthy people are more than capable of handling the challenges of life, building good relationships with people and in general, living fulfilling lives. They are more able to cope with difficult situations in life, are very much capable of bouncing back and moving on. People who are emotionally healthy generally tend to display a feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life; a zeal for living and having fun; the capability to deal with stress better and not to get held back in times of adversity.

However, not all of us are blessed with good emotional health. Generally, we seem to take emotional health for granted. However, even people with good emotional health often have emotional problems or suffer from mental illness at times. It is important to know that the more time and energy we invest in improving our emotional health, the stronger it will become.

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