Primary Objective

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

Suicide is a complex problem for which there is no single cause. It results from a complex interaction of biological, genetical, psychological, social, cultural and environmental factors. It has no racial or class distinction.

Talking Helps

A person who is depressed feels isolated and alone with his or her problem. At times like this talking about their stressful situation with a non-judgmental, accepting, understanding and caring person can throw a different light on the situation and help to diffuse the suicidal impulse.

How we Help

By Listening & Befriending.

People faced with an emotional crisis mostly require informal and confidential emotional support. A friend who has the time to listen, does not advice or criticize, but helps the person to come to terms with the situation and feel confident to cope with it.

Emotional Health

In general, it can be said that people with good emotional health are in control of their behavior and their emotions. Emotionally healthy people are more than capable of handling the challenges of life, building good relationships with people and in general, living fulfilling lives. They are more able to cope with difficult situations in life, are very much capable of bouncing back and moving on. People who are emotionally healthy, generally tend to display a feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life; a zeal for living and having fun; the capability to deal with stress better and not to get held back in times of adversity. Read more>>

Emotional Well-being

Overcoming Depression

Learning to Cope

The Organization

Sumithrayo, a Government approved charity was founded by the Late Mrs. Joan De Mel in 1974. From its humble beginnings at Deans Road, Colombo 10, on premises loaned by the Ceylon Social Services League, Sumithrayo is now housed at No. 60B Horton place, Colombo 07, which was gifted by its beloved founder – Joan de Mel. The organization was incorporated by the Act of Parliament No.10 of 1986.

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